Runner-up in Joy and Adolescent Faith & Flourishing Essay Competition

I was recently notified that I was selected as a runner-up to an essay competition held by the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. Each year graduate students submit projects in three different forms: (1) essay, (2) curriculum, and (3) sermon series. Topically, these projects are sorted into either of the these categories: “Theology of Joy and the Good Life” to “Joy and Adolescent Faith & Flourishing.” On January 31, I submitted an essay to the latter category.

Paper title: “Peace & Joy in Augustine”

Abstract of Essay:

Peace and joy are intimately connected in St. Augustine of Hippo’s famous book, The City of God. Forming his theology of peace in the context of the fall of Rome, Augustine used a conceptual contrast between earthly and heavenly cities. Augustine’s contrast highlights that there are many incompatible definitions for peace that do not all promote joy. Situating his definition of peace using Psalm 147, Augustine forms a teleological argument that defines the heavenly city’s peace. It is the contention of this paper that Augustine provides an occasion to discern our way through competing models of peace in the world of adolescents. This requires that we engage with skepticism; a way of thinking popular in our contemporary moment. Taken the right way, skepticism can be a tool that buttresses the vitality and self-awareness of a teleologically directed earthly city. Peace is a condition of restoration through which adolescents find joy.



For the website listing the announcement, follow this link.



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